Tips for First Time Festivalgoers

Some music festival attendances are impromptu events, but others require lots of preparation and packing. Not everyone is a festival pro–so our tips can help rookies enjoy their first experience and stay safe and clean while they’re doing it.


Choose a Tent That’s Slightly Large

A two-person tent for you and a companion may seem average, but that sizing is based on two adults lying close to one another and it doesn’t factor in all of your stuff. By going a couple of sizes up, you can have room for you, your friend and all your stuff.

Don’t Lock it Up

Locking your tent makes others believe you have something worth stealing, and tents are easy to get into anyway. Don’t leave valuables in your tent, and only take in what you need.

Watch Out for Hazards

When it’s nighttime and you’ve had a drink or two, walking through the campground can be difficult. Use your phone or a flashlight to feel your way around while avoiding other people’s tents.


Don’t Go it Alone

Going to a festival alone can be very tempting, especially if you can’t find a friend to tag along. It’s not a good idea for first-time attendees to go solo; it may be unsafe, and if something happens there’s no one there to help you.

Take Wet Wipes

There aren’t many places to shower at a music festival, so you’ll need plenty of wet wipes. They can be used to remove makeup, cleanse your body, wash up before dinner, and clean up after going to the bathroom.


Stay Out of the Mud

This one’s hard when it rains, but you should make an effort to avoid rolling, walking and sitting in the mud. You probably won’t get a shower the whole weekend, and you don’t want to be grimy for the entire time.

Get Friendly With the Neighbors

You’ll be next to them for the whole weekend, so it’s good to get to know them. Who knows–you may end up with a new friend, and if someone needs something, you’ll be there to help out.

Bring Plenty of Cash

Festival experiences can be expensive, and it’s better to have too much money than to run short. After all, you don’t want to have to leave to find an ATM if none are available–you’ll miss out on all that fun!

We’ve left the most important tip for last. When going to a festival, you should pace yourself. While festivals are a time to let loose and have a blast, moderation is the key. If you will be drinking, it’s safer to drink less so you’ll remember it more. Festivals can be once-in-a-lifetime experiences for some, and by following the tips above, you can create memories that last a lifetime.