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I am home.

Melanie Stewart begins the research on In My Body, a project that explores and celebrates body image, self-perception and body esteem through mixed media and live performance.

In My Body centers around a retrospective exhibition of 20 years of work by Philadelphia based photographer and mixed media artist Leah MacDonald.  Inspired by the theme of Michael Biello and Dan Martin’s song titled “In My Body”, the exhibit will celebrate the diversity and beauty of the female form while considering ideas about self perception, body image, and human emotion. In correlation with the exhibition, to be held at The Wexler Gallery November 5- December 31st, 2010, a traveling multidisciplinary performance piece by longtime collaborators Michael Biello, Dan Martin, and Melanie Stewart will debut during a private reception at the gallery and fully staged at 230 Vine Street in January 2011.

At the nEW Festival we are inviting a small group of courageous, generous, open-hearted women of varying ages, experiences, and cultural backgrounds to participate in a 4 hour workshop dedicated to an exploration of body image issues.  Through guided movement, singing, and journaling participants will share personal stories about their relationships with their bodies, discuss body image issues, and examine the interplay between body image and true self.

In My Body is curated by art advocate and patron Lis Kalogris, the exhibition and performances are made possible by the generous support of The KatherineAlexandra Foundation (