Melanie Stewart

Melanie StewartMelanie Stewart is the Artistic Director and Founder of Melanie Stewart Dance Theatre, the producer of nEW. Since 1984, she has been igniting the professional scene by producing works for the concert stage, dance/film/video, and in education, both nationally and abroad. Her work with European and American artists has combined European physical theatre techniques with American Modern Dance to produce such dance theatre hybrids as; Lilith (1993), Killing Charity (1995), Cocktail in the Sky (1995), Claire (1996), The Messenger (1996), Perfect: A Bouffon Musical (1997), Underlife Cabaret (1998), Kieko and Fan (1998), Love After Death (2000), Hard Candy (2001),The Gathering (2003), Babel (2004), The Girl with Bees in Her Hair (2005) and A Simple Fact of Pain (2007). Critically acclaimed as a director and choreographer Stewart has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and Dance Advance. She has been a choreographer in residence at the American Dance Festival and the Winter Pillow in Philadelphia. Since 2003 she has produced the dance-driven, artist fueled nEW Festival in Philadelphia focusing on mentorship and production of original dance and movement driven theatre that combines disciplines, extends traditional boundaries and promotes original research in the field. Stewart is a Professor of Theatre and Dance at Rowan University.