5 Weekend Festival Must Haves

When it comes to outdoor celebrations, music festivals are some of the best there are. We want you to have a great time and make great memories, and packing the right way is an easy way to do it. Below, we’ve put together a list of what you should pack when you’re camping at a weekend festival. Stay hydrated, don’t take in any prohibited items, and most of all–have a lot of fun!

Tomorrowland festival

Make it Easy to Get Some Rest

Sleeping when there’s a concert going on can be a bit challenging, but most die-hard festivalgoers can snooze anywhere they can sit down. However, with recent advances in hammock and tent tech, a good night’s sleep can be more than just a dream. Choose a tent or hammock that will accommodate you, your companions and your belongings while keeping you protected from those rain showers that always seem to pop up.

Pull up a Chair

You’ve been walking all day from stage to stage, hurrying to catch your favorite acts. By now, you’re tired and ready to take the first available seat–why not lounge in comfort? There’s a big selection of camping chairs, and most are super-light and portable. By choosing the right chair, you’ll be ready to take a break when the action cools down.

Tomorrowland mainstage

Keep Cool

Summer may be the hottest time of the year, but you can keep cool with a handheld AC that works well and won’t hurt your wallet. These neat inventions will make you the envy of all your neighbors, and they’ll help you stay cool when it’s hot outside.

Stay Powered Up

Cell phones and cameras are all likely to be dead after the first day, and if you are lucky enough to find an outlet, it’s likely to already be in use. Don’t be stuck without a way to stay in touch or take pictures! Bring along a power source to charge your camera, phone and handheld AC, and you’ll have juice left over. Bring an extra, and you’ll really be prepared!


Don’t Pack Heavy

You’ll need a good camping pack, especially if you’re staying for the whole weekend. These packs have style, and they’re big enough to hold all your daily belongings. Be careful though, as your belongings may be searched on the way into some festivals. By following the advice we’ve given you here, you’ll be comfortable without missing out on any of the fun of festival season.